Coach and Advice 120$/1 Skype Hour

More than 20 years on the music business plus a super creative mind to your service.

Coach-Advice Service

Sometimes you got that incredible passion for what you doing, but you know something isn’t right with your songs, it could be sound quality related, the vocals sound weak, the bass is too loud in some systems and thin in others, the production needs more work, the musical arrangement its not helping the song and hundreds reasons more that could be the problem of the song, we can help you with that too… more than 20 years on the music business plus a super creative mind to your service.

Send a Request

Use the CONTACT formular to send a request for a videoconference advice/coaching session. Provide a link to your music, please type the links in the appropriate field or upload an mp3 file to We will get in touch with you asap to talk further details.

Send payment

Full amount is required to be paid. Once we have received all the details, you will receive a PayPal link to make the payment via PayPal (optional: Bank Transfers & Western Union).

Listening Track/Song begins

After payment, I will listen to your track(s)/song(s) on my listening room. In this process i study your song estructure, song arrangements, sound quality, vocal editing, etc… and take notes down. After all this process i will write to you with a Coaching/Advice email about all the little thing that i have noticed and think you could improve to take your song/track to the next level. I will give you a second free Coaching/Advice for free after you re-record, re-arrange, re-mix, re-edit, re-adress, etc… your Track(s)/Song(s) after all the recommendations i suggested you to make ir order to get the best results!

Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to: and/or include your concerns and questions in the Custom Beat Request form!

All the best,
Eric Cunningham

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